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Karen Falconer

Karen Falconer (formerly Karen Moxom) is the CEO of ANLP (The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming), Author of 'The NLP Professional', Editor of Rapport Magazine and Publisher of both Acuity and Current Research in NLP.


She is also a founder member of the International NLP Research Conference Committee, a Trustee of the NLP in Education Trust, Advisor to the Global NLP Research and Recognition Project, winner of Hertfordshire Woman of the Year 2009, a member of the Scout Association and a Governor at her son’s secondary school…and when she is being non linear, she is a Priestess of the Divine Feminine and sings in the London Show Choir.


Through living by the Presuppositions of NLP, Karen has made ANLP relevant, successful and created a clear vision. As the head of ANLP, she meets with Trainers and Practitioners regularly, not only to learn from the best but to also to ensure ANLP continues to seek the opinions of the Members and work with them to develop and create unity in the NLP Community.

Karen is married to Kash and is mum to two fantastic boys and stepmum to two more – they are her main motivators, critiques and fans and will always be the driving force that motivate her to make a positive difference to society.


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