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A fresh start…?

I like September. There is something in the air that suggests a fresh start, new beginnings. Perhaps it is because September marks the start of a new academic year, young people starting school, moving on to secondary school…or moving on to University, gap years, new jobs?

September definitely signifies change – the nights start to draw in again, the leaves start to turn from green to beautiful autumnal shades of yellow, gold, orange and red…and those of us who are particularly organised start to think about Christmas (yes, the shops are already reflecting the change of season, especially as there is now no other ‘significant’ event between holidays and Christmas).

For us mums, there is also the shift, from school holidays to term time. I’ve spent 6 lovely weeks, enjoying time spent doing things other than ‘school compliance’. Oh, I’ve still had to work, but there is a layer of clock watching doesn’t exist in the holidays, because I no longer have to worry about Daniel being out of the house at a certain time. And I love being able to relax with him in the evenings, rather than always being mindful of homework deadlines, projects and the next school request which requires our attention.

There is a downside too – during the long school break, whilst I enjoy feeling more relaxed, and I also find I am less focussed and a bit more woolly headed! Thankfully, the summer is a quiet time at work, and this year, I have embraced the more relaxed attitude and just enjoyed it. This is great, because I now feel more ready to focus on a new term at school, at ANLP and in my life…so yes, I embrace September and the opportunity it offers me for a fresh start.

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