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A Picture is worth a thousand words

We are so privileged here, in that we get an insight into how people think. Of course NLP teaches us those skills anyway…and it is great to have that theory backed up by reality!

We had a telephone enquiry recently from someone looking for an NLP Trainer in a particular location. I talked her through the search process whilst she was on the phone, and we both came up with 12 Trainers in her area for her to choose from.

There are options…and there are options – and I think 12 was too many for her to phone, so she immediately narrowed her choice by eliminating those Trainers who had not added a photo to their profile.

Now this strikes me as being a really good selection strategy…and not if you are one of the 4 Trainers who hasn’t got round to updating their ANLP profile with a photo, because you just lost a potential Practitioner delegate on your next course!

If you believe your ANLP Membership is a useful marketing tool, then please do use that tool as effectively as you can – upload a photo onto your profile – its an easy way for you to build visual rapport with your potential clients.

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