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All Change...

My younger son went back to school today, after the Christmas/exam revision break (he is a bit older than this picture suggests!).

Things have changed for his school over the holidays and today he goes into school with a map (!), because the entire school has migrated into a brand new building…what’s the betting the main excuse for missing lessons over the next week will be ‘I couldn’t find the room’.

It is fitting that the completion of the building was delayed so they have ended up moving at the start of the new year. It could be a daunting change for a lot of pupils and the school have done everything they can to ease the change…like providing maps!

So as we navigate our way into the new year with anticipation for what lies ahead, I wonder what maps we can pick up to help us? The map is just a guide and guides come in many forms – our philosophy, beliefs, values, friends and family, mentors, books and teachers – they all help us to create our own map for navigating change.

So as you step into the new year and consider, over the next few weeks, how you would like your 2017 to evolve, I wonder what resources you are choosing to guide you?

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