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Amplify in Stillness

Amplify in Stillness? What exactly does that mean?

It is my mantra for this month and whilst it might run through my head, on a repeating loop, it isn’t something I can claim to be achieving yet!

I understand the theory…when I pause long enough to empty all the chatter, distractions and shiny things floating around in my mind, I can gain clarity and grow ideas and plans, find solutions to challenges…and perhaps even just enjoy enough stillness to reinvigorate and refresh myself.

The challenge comes in practice – my world appears to be spinning very quickly around me right now and even when I do pause, it is about 30 milliseconds before another random thought jumps into the space created by pausing.

Even without the internal thought processes running rampant inside my head, we are bombarded with communications and information nowadays through so many different channels…social media, blogs (!), emails, TV, texts, What’s App, websites…and our desire to be connected with everything and everyone comes at a price – deeper connection with ourselves.

The Serenity prayer is currently pinned on our fridge (our words of wisdom for this month):

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, And the Wisdom to know the difference.

The courage comes in knowing when to say ‘no’ – in this case to the information overload and other people’s demands on my time. The wisdom comes in being willing to step away long enough to achieve enough space to amplify in stillness…

It’s still a work in progress!

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