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And Pause...

This week, I took a week ‘off’ work, so I could catch up with the piles of admin, filing, accounts and general house related ‘stuff’ which has been building up over the last few months.

As per usual, I started my week by making a (very) long list of things to do, mainly because I appreciate the reminder and I get great satisfaction out of crossing things off the list…and yes, I have been known to write things on a list and cross them off again straight away, just for the satisfaction boost!

By yesterday, I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the fact I was half way through the week, and still had at least three quarters of my list to do. A lot of things were taking longer than I anticipated and I started wishing I had taken 2 weeks off! I also started feeling run down, tired and even nauseous as I pushed on to achieve more.

By mid afternoon, Kash, my beloved, was guiding me to stop, pause and just draw breath. After all, I wasn’t going to achieve anything much if I just ran myself into the ground. So I did just that – stopped, paused, snoozed and even watched the sunset.

Taking that time out to pause was far more beneficial in the long run than pushing through, trying to achieve every last item on the list and keep up with it all. Today I woke with renewed vigour, a better feeling towards my list and an understanding that I may have to prioritise…and also an understanding that it just may not all get done this week!

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