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And so it begins...

Yep - Today is the day we start planning the conference programme! I know, not that exciting for 99.9% of the population...

This is far more about the dedication, commitment and compassion that I will be seeing as we start our meeting at 8:30 this morning. The conference planning team have already spent hours of their own time pouring over a huge spreadsheet, considering each proposal on its own merits and assessing every word in order to come to this morning's meeting fully prepared and ready to create a conference.

I know, because I see it every year, just how much our small team care about planning the best possible programme that will appeal to the NLP Community. I know that we will spend the morning considering how we can fit so much greatness into such a small time capsule...we will think outside the box, we will be blue sky thinking...we will adopt every possible tool to ensure that what we present to the community is the best we can possibly create out of the resources we have been given.

This is the start of our annual pilgrimage to deliver the conference - well, actually it starts about 3 months before the previous conference is delivered, but today, when we take hundreds of post it notes (each representing one proposal) and start forming them into a conference programme, is the start of our journey to the 2020 conference.

Today is when we decide on our recipe and select the ingredients for next year's conference cake...and over the next few months, every person involved will focus on their particular element of the cake, so that when we deliver it next May, we all know we have done the best we can to create a sumptuous, nourishing cake that everyone will enjoy.

I am excited...

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