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I have been the luckiest person in the world since 1st January 2016, when I met my soul partner, Kash, at a party. We have just fitted into each other’s lives since day one and it sometimes feels like we have known each other for lifetimes!

And I realised this week, that sometimes I forget to tell him enough how much I appreciate him, the things he does and how much he cares for me, Daniel and our whole family.

What has got me thinking about this, you may wonder.

Well, today Kash heads off to the Middle East for a business trip – he’ll only be gone for a week and since we have known each other, I’ve been away a number of times, so it’s not like we have never been apart before…and we’re grown ups, for goodness sake, so I can cope!

I am ‘Ms Independent’, having spent 6 years on my own before I met him and so I am very used to my own company, being mum, and running both a household and a business…So what has me in a spin about this?

I think it is only this week I have really paused to reflect upon just how much he does to support me and Daniel and I am really overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation – for what he does, who he is and how much better I am because he is a part of my life.

So I just want to say THANK YOU Kash, for Loving me and Daniel and supporting us in all that we do…we will miss you (and Daniel will especially miss your cooking!!).

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