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Back in the Swing

For me, the first week in September has always been a significant point in the calendar.

As a child (and as a parent) it signifies the first week of a new academic year at school – time to get back into the swing of things after the summer holidays…and time to hit the ground running in a final surge towards harvest time, checking progress on goals and aims for the year.

September feels like the last chance to ‘get things done’ before putting things to bed for the winter…in my case, that usually means finishing projects, ticking off my aims for the year and assessing what is still mine to do before I metaphorically go into hibernation, replenish and slow down.

If we pause to think for a moment, this is a natural cycle as Summer moves into Autumn and turns towards Winter!

This year, instead of greeting the first week of September with renewed vigour and energy, I am struggling – maybe the grey and wet weather indicates we are moving through Autumn into Winter quicker than I planned? Maybe I still have too much to ‘do’ in order to achieve my aims for this year? Maybe projects are going sideways, over-running and slipping away from the grand plans and timescales I had in the Spring?

So, whilst I really feel the need to bypass the Autumnal vibrant energy and slip quietly and quickly into hibernation, that is not possible right now. Despite the grey skies and thick jumpers egging me on and enticing me to sit on the sofa with a warm drink, packet of bourbons and a box set, there is much still to do!

So what can I do, today, to get myself back into gear and absorb the warm, vibrant, Autumnal energy…on a cold grey day? I could do lots of NLP techniques – state changing, reframing, revisit well formed outcomes and I suspect I will…later.

For now, I will pause and start with the basics (Dilt’s Logical Levels of Change and Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs). I am going to go with the flow by digging out my woolly jumper and boots (even if it is only 8th September)…and make myself a hot drink.

Once my body is feeling warm and nurtured, then I’ll focus on the myriad of amazing tools, skills and techniques I have at my fingertips, knowing these will help me to get myself into a better frame of mind so I can make the most of the beautiful, vibrant Autumnal energy.

What can you do, right now, to give yourself the best chance possible to make the most of this season?

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