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Be careful what you wish for...

It seems to be a repeating pattern in my life that as Spring turns to Summer, life gets more and more busy. It may be the lighter evenings, the rising energy or perhaps just the general warming up of UK weather.

For weeks now, as life has got busier, I have been yearning to have some space (ie time off) for creating…finding my inner artist by taking some time out to draw, colour and generally do ‘arty’ things!

As I focused on another work project or one of the never ending school things that pops up at this time of year, I looked longingly at my pens and paper, gathering dust on the shelf! I would also be thinking about how busy I was, how much there was to do, and where was I going to find time to fit everything in, never mind do something frivolous like colouring!

Perhaps I wasn’t specific enough with my wishes, or perhaps I was more focused on generic ‘busy-ness’ and ‘time off’ rather than ‘time off to do some art’…who knows. What I do know is I ended up with plenty of ‘time off’ last week, laid up in bed with a less than pleasant chest infection!

Lessons learned –  I am now going to be very specific about what I focus on and frame those thoughts more positively…and I am going back to pausing regularly…to breathe, colour and generally slow down…because if I don’t, something may just happen to remind me!

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