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Being Present

The book I am currently reading has exercises within it...the form of exercises I choose to find much easier than jogging or going to the gym!

This week I am being encouraged to embody a word each day - try it on, really feel what it is like to live the word in every thought, word and deed!

Today's word is 'present' and so I am exploring what it is like to really be present and live in the present moment, rather than too far in the past or the future.

This is an interesting exercise - I know that my modus operandii tends to be future focused...I have a tendency to always be planning for the future; I rehearse 'what if' scenarios by future pacing all the possible consequences of my actions; I have, on many occasions, opted for the 'jam tomorrow' approach to life, forfeiting enjoyment today for the promise of greater rewards in the future...forgetting that actually, 'tomorrow' never comes.

This was brought home to me earlier this week, when our lovely grandson, Edward, came to visit us for a few hours...he fell asleep in my arms and I just stared at him...for what seemed like hours - soaking in his gorgeousness, peace, innocence and utter beauty.

And it dawned on me, with some sadness, that I don't remember ever pausing to do that with my own children. When my boys were babies, as soon as they slept, I was immediately seizing the moment to work (being a self employed management accountant at the time). I rarely took the time to stop and stare, to wonder in awe at the miracle of life, the beauty that was right in front of me.

I am so, so grateful I have a chance to do this now, with Edward. To embrace the beauty and preciousness of life and be in that moment with those who are most important to me - my family.

I suspect I am going to enjoy being 'present' today...

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