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Being Seen...

In common with many others, I have always been quite happy to remain in the wings, playing a supporting role to empower others to be the best they can be.

It seems to be a recurring theme in my life…or at least it is the way I view things. I run ANLP, which is all about empowering NLP Professionals to be the best they can be; I am a school governor, which is all about empowering the school and SLT to be the best they can be; I am a Mum, which is all about empowering our boys…to be the best they can be.

Sometimes, though, it is just as important to empower others by stepping out of the wings, setting a good example and being willing to be seen as the best I can be:

So in order to encourage my youngest, who has a ‘mock interview’ today and is rather ‘spooked’ by the whole process, I too have stepped out of my comfort zones! I took a deep breath and decided to be seen and engage with others, by making a very short video to promote the NLP Awards next year…

Of course, in hosting the inaugural NLP Awards dinner in April next year, I am very aware I am also inviting NLP Professionals to be seen and be proud of their achievements, so it is only fair I walk the talk!

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