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Better Late than Never

Ooops, I forgot to write my blog this morning…mitigating circumstances, if I choose to make excuses, include

…’it’s a bank holiday’

…I was working until very late last night

…we had to get Daniel off on his D of E Expedition at 6.30 this morning (!)

…I forgot…

So then I contemplated about whether or not I should write a blog today? Would anyone notice if I didn’t post anything? (probably not). Could I take a week off because it’s Easter? (perfectly feasible).

And then a little voice crept into my head, both reprimanding me and reminding me that this is something I have committed to doing as often as I can AND ‘it’s better late than never’.

Is it better late than never?

Do I sometimes keep quiet when I forget a friend’s birthday so as not to draw attention to the fact I have forgotten a birthday! Yes, I do. But reflecting upon this phrase has got me to rethink. I’m sure my friend would rather know they were in my thoughts and I had remembered their special day, just not quite within the time frame of their birthday.

Do I occasionally stretch a deadline to the absolute limit and risk being late rather than never doing the job at all… like last night when the conference venue deadlines had been set for Thursday…they didn’t say what time on Thursday, so I figured 11pm still met their brief!

And it was ‘better late than never’ that kept me going…I thought it was better to do all the work required and get the information out at one minute past midnight, if necessary, rather than give up and not even try.

So yes, even if ‘better late than never’ used to, in my mind, imply tardiness or forgetfulness or a disorganised mind, it IS better late than never…better to give it a go and do the best I can rather than not even bothering.

So now, later than planned, I am off to enjoy some down time over the Easter weekend…definitely better late than never!

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