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Blocks of Time

I declared my intention for this month was to release blocks and let go…an early Spring clean, if you like (‘early’ because the weather this month has been far from Spring like!).

I have been releasing a number of things this month, some of them unintentional! And one of the consequences of releasing some things, is that I have created more space and time…

Letting go of Rock Choir after more than 5 years now means I have Thursday nights free – just the weekly rehearsal time alone has given me an additional 45 hours a year (more than 1 full working week)…and my mind is not quite so full of mentally rehearsing various songs and the accompanying moves!

Letting go of my one remaining accounts client because they have closed down after 38 years means I now have an extra hour every Monday (when I used to do their wages) and a couple of days a month (when I used to do all their accounts) – that is another 220 hours a year that I have reclaimed (over 6 working weeks!)…and my mind is free of one of my many roles, so one less thing to juggle!

I have also been clearing physical space – the filing cabinets and wardrobes got a much needed overhaul. Yes, throwing away papers and clothes that I have held on to ‘just in case’ has been cathartic…

As for head space – well, in my map of the world, we are always learning so letting go of mental blocks alongside this physical clearout has been very worthwhile.

And what is most releasing of all – at the moment I have no idea what might come along to fill these newly created spaces – and that is OK. I’m released the old pattern of filling space and blocks of time with more things to do and I am just listening…for when the time is right.

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