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Christmas Grinch!

I woke up this morning feeling very guilty…guilty for not being a good enough daughter, mother, CEO, partner, friend, organiser of all things Christmassy…you name it, I felt guilty about it!

What sparked that feeling? I wonder if it is this time of year, because I buy into the advertising hype that encourages me, a wannabe Superwoman, to work towards creating a perfect Christmas with perfect presents, perfect family, perfect food (whilst maintaining a perfect waistline) and oodles of time to be all things to all people.

I know I claim its our presence not our presents that is most important and yet I am struggling to even do that over Christmas – if I could spend the amount of time I’d like to with each member of our widespread family and friends, I’d have to take two months off…at least!

I think I set my expectations so high over the Christmas break, I set myself up to fail. ‘Oh, but it’s Christmas’ becomes an overworn phrase, as I justify why I have to make extra effort to see everyone, please everyone and spend too much money!

So this year, I am calling myself out and reframing Christmas. Christmas is like Valentine’s Day – I have never brought into Valentine’s day hype because I believe that if I love someone, I could show them every day of the year, not just on 14th February.

So doesn’t the same apply to Christmas?

In reality, isn’t whatever I do this Christmas, for my friends and family, enough? We will continue to Love each other because we Love each other EVERY day…not just because we bought better presents and made better cakes on 25th December!

Have a lovely Christmas break, knowing that whatever you do is enough, and I’ll catch up with you in the New Year…

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