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Collective Responsibility

Hmmm, I seem to be on a bit of a theme here.

After talking about daffodils and being stronger together, it occurs to me that the other benefit of ‘we are stronger together’ should be that we each bear a little of the load, so that no one person has to take it all on.

So how does that work in practice, I wonder? It often works really well – for example, when everyone contributes a little bit of money, Comic Relief, Children in Need and other charities raise a huge amount in a very short space of time.

It works well when combining forces for a brilliant team effort, as we (the Royal ‘we’, of course) demonstrated so well in the Olympics and Paralympics, bringing home an inspiring array of medals.

I experienced ‘collective responsibility’ for myself last week, whilst away with my beautiful family (hence no blog). We entered a family quiz, really for a bit of a laugh and entertainment. We even coined Daniel’s favourite phrase for our team name – “We’re rubbish!”

We did have a laugh that evening and we did all contribute equally to answering the questions (which is a first for me, as I usually volunteer to scribe to save any embarrassment). We swiftly had to change our team name to ‘We’re NOT rubbish” when we won!

We did some amazing things last week – aerial tree course and zip wires, adventure golf, lots of walking (my Fitbit thought it must be attached to the dog’s collar, there was so much activity)…and yet, when asked what was the best bit about the break, winning the Quiz was top of the list.

We could  make this work in our favour far more often, if we were all to take full responsibility for the part we play in any situation – imagine the impact that could have…

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