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Comfort Zones

This week I took a big step, way outside of my comfort zone…and it was SO liberating to do so.

Rhonda Britten talks about the rings of fear that potentially surround us and keep us safe – we may or may not experience these ourselves…AND I do! There, self confession time – I spend time being fenced in by my fears (especially in the ‘die zone’).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m quite happy to stretch myself – I can often be heard claiming “I love a challenge”…and I am sure the Universe responds sometimes by delivering some of the challenges I ‘love’!

Yet, despite ‘loving a challenge’ I do still put limits upon myself to keep me safe within my comfort zone. Of course, it is natural to want to stay safe…but when our own self imposed limitations get in the way of us trying new things, or hold us back from doing something we really want to achieve…well, that is a different story.

Those are the times that it really is about taking courage in both hands, making that leap of faith…and dare I say, in my case, getting over myself for long enough to ‘just do it’.

I did that this week – broke through one of my self imposed limitations and experienced that buzz of excitement, that real sense of achievement and I am still feeling liberated. So now is the time to anchor those feelings, to remind myself next time that I can do this…and it feels great.

Comfort zones are like envelopes – there to be opened up!

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