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Congruence and Compassion

Recently I found myself in a situation where I was challenged big time, and was left feeling really incongruent in my role as head of ANLP.

The intention of ANLP has always been to support NLP Professionals to be just that…professional. We do whatever we can to promote NLP and support NLP Professionals so they can make a difference in society.

Part of that ‘professionalism’ is walking the talk. As an NLP Professional, that means, where possible and to the best of my ability, I live by the presuppositions of NLP; I honour the teachings, strategies and tools I have been given and do my best to uphold them in my own life.

Of course, I am human and I will find, on occasions, that I slip, fall and forget.

It is, therefore, important for me to understand that others can do the same…slip, fall and forget. So rather than feeling incongruent when an NLP Professional does just that (and leaves me wondering why we work so hard to promote NLP), perhaps my role is to show compassion and understanding…and remind myself we are all human beings, perfectly imperfect, infallible and doing the best we can with the resources we have available…even when we forget to use them!

So I am grateful for the reminder and no longer feel incongruent…compassion is a much more loving place to come from.

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