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Curiosity killed the cat…

It’s such an unfortunate turn of phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”, especially if, like me, you do love cats! I can understand what it means from a literal point of view, especially because I do know something about the scrapes cats can get themselves into, but there is just something so negative about this phrase it seems to issue a warning, albeit with good intention!

I like ‘curiosity’. That’s what helps me grow and discover new things.

The other day I was walking home, and because I hadn’t left it as late as I usually do (!), I had a chance to explore and investigate those alleys and entrances I walk past every day. And do you know what, within minutes I had discovered two cut through paths that have shaved another 3 minutes off my walk home!

So simply by being curious, I have now saved myself an extra 6 minutes every day (there and back) – which is 30 minutes a week, and 1,440 minutes a year – that’s a whole 24 hours per year I’ve gained…so now I will definitely have time to read that extra book I’ve been meaning to read for ages…or perhaps I will just spend an extra 3 minutes enjoying the walk and focussing my mind, ready for the next opportunity to be curious.

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