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I discovered this week that curveballs can be like buses…nothing for ages then 3 come along at once!

Unlike buses though, curveballs are something we’d prefer not to turn up at all! At least they keep us on our toes, prevent any dangers of complacency or boredom and give us something to write about!

My biggest challenge was which one to deal with first…they were all unexpected and all important, so where was I to start?

Cue Joanna Martin’s 10 Step Overwhelm Plan, which I had neatly written in one of my Learning Journals and had flagged up as something to use when the occasion arose. To be honest, I had also noted that I already do half the steps in the 10 step plan, so would it make that much difference?

Wow, it did make a difference – for starters having a 10 step easy to follow plan gave me permission to do all 10 steps, rather than just cherry picking the ones that seemed most productive!

The steps I tend to leave out are the ones that say ‘pause’, ‘stop’, ‘breathe’…and of course, curveballs, especially three at once, don’t allow much time for pausing, stopping and breathing!

So however many things may turn up on your plate today, I would strongly urge you to still take time to pause, stop and breathe…it works!

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