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D.E.A.R. Time

So I’ve been reading quite a bit recently, partly because I have modelled my son’s school and introduced D.E.A.R into my daily schedule…Drop Everything And Read.

Its a brilliant concept and so, so simple – for 20 minutes every day, I stop what I am doing and get out a book – yes, a real book, not a kindle or tablet…and I read! Dan’s school does this every day at 10.50am – the whole school, from Receptionist to Headmaster, stops and reads.

For the school, it is a whole school literacy improvement plan. For me…well, for me it has removed a block by giving myself permission to  read…every day!

And what happens when I choose to pause daily and indulge in a favourite pastime? I discover those pearls of wisdom that sometimes allude me as a rush through daily life. My creative juices start to flow and I feel refreshed, more alive and also more satisfied…

Today, I even started thinking about what else I could take up again by introducing D.E.A…

D.E.A.B – Drop Everything And BAKE…well that would certainly go down well with Kash and Daniel (presupposing successful outcomes, of course)

D.E.A.C – Drop Everything And CREATE…drawing, mandalas, knitting, crochet – that’s an exciting one for me!

In fact, I am sure I could possibly come up with a D.E.A. for every letter of the alphabet, if I put my mind to it.

The simple question is, for what are you prepared to ‘Drop Everything And’, just for 20 minutes a day…just to give yourself some quality time to…???

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