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Doing Things Differently

One of the NLP Presuppositions is based upon Henry Ford’s quote,

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

In other words, if something isn’t working, change it!

Having spent October reflecting upon where ANLP is heading and who we want to serve, I came to a number of conclusions; One being that I have to relinquish the book-keeping tasks, which keep me occupied for a number of hours each month.

Now, as a former management accountant, I have ‘done the books’ for ANLP since I took over in 2005…because I can. I have reasoned many times over the years that it makes sense for me to do this because it doesn’t cost anything and I know what I am doing, so why pay someone else?

To be honest, I have also used the weekly/monthly accounts tasks as a safe haven, without acknowledging that over the years, the familiarity with this work has also become boring and frustrating, as it takes up time and distracts me from the bigger projects I would like to focus on.

Yes, I like distractions and I love looking at the next shiny thing…and the accounts are not a shiny thing!

So, after doing my own accounts for nigh on 30 years, I am taking a leap of faith and engaging a fantastic book-keeper to take on this task – it is something she enjoys and takes pride in doing well…and I am released to focus on other projects.

I confess, this is a scary step – what if I fail in the projects I am going to focus on instead? What if my ‘speculate to accumulate’ maverick attitude doesn’t pay off? What if I really miss the mind numbing accounts task because it just gives me a chance to switch off? What if I just want to stay in my comfort zones?

…And…what if I never even tried something different?

What if I were to view this as an exciting new adventure that could open up whole new worlds of possibilities?

Bring it on…

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