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Drawing a blank

As I sit here this morning, I find myself staring at a blank screen and wondering what to say…

Then I started linking the blank screen with the busy-ness and the general political frenzies (both here and abroad) and wonder how can I possibly have nothing to say!

Probably because I am choosing not to buy into the frenzy right now.

Every card I have drawn this week suggests its time to go inwards, reflect, observe, be still, hibernate…and whilst that all sounds like a wonderful idea, I still have to be a mum, a partner, a CEO, a school Governor, a daughter…which requires a certain amount of interaction and activity!

So how do we balance the two – frenzy and stillness, doing and being?

My great friend Melissa has a very apt phrase ‘being the stillness in the swirl’. So that is what I do my best to achieve at times when everything around me is in a frenzy.

I can be still, calm and reflective whilst doing the dishes or making an executive decision (note executive decision, not executive order). I can be at peace on the inside whilst learning a new Rock Choir song or helping with homework.

And I can definitely choose what I expose myself to and read/watch/listen to on social media, the TV and in the news – its called being discerning and choosing what I allow to affect my daily life.

…and that is the point – it is a choice.

How are you going to choose to be in your world today?

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