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False Sense of Security

I certainly experienced a false sense of security this morning. There I was, finding myself totally in control and ahead of schedule…I even had time to give the cat an extra bit of love, spend more time than usual talking with Daniel and I grabbed an extra treat 5 minutes in the shower!

My extra time luxury was shortlived when I realised the reason I had an extra 15 minutes was because I had completely forgotten to write my blog!! Arghhhh…

So now I find myself spouting complete and utter rubbish, because I have to leave in 5 minutes to take Daniel to the station (School trip today) and then head straight out to an appointment myself…which will mean my blog doesn’t go live at 9.30am.

How much does that matter? I ask myself. What if my blog is an hour late? What if it’s a day late? Would that matter so much in the grand scheme of things?

It was wonderful to take extra time to stroke the cat this morning. It was lovely to spend more time than usual having a laugh with Daniel and the warm shower…well, what can I say – I would never turn down an extra 5 minutes in the shower!!

And the point is, I got to enjoy these luxuries this morning AND write my blog on time.

It may not be a prize winning piece and I’m certainly not going to get any awards for best journalist of the year. BUT I kept up with my promise to myself to write my blog every week AND I got to spend precious moments doing things I value.

So maybe, just maybe, it is possible to have the best of both worlds…and that is an awesome learning for today!

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