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Filling the Gap...

So I mentioned last week about finding myself slightly challenged by the space in between...and raising this in my conscious awareness has highlighted a repeating pattern for me!

In an attempt to avoid boredom during the summer pause period, I get excited about all the time I have and all the things I could do...and then I sign up for things!

In reality, I probably have an extra 3 or 4 hours a week over the summer, because there are no choir rehearsals, no new songs to learn, gaps caused by other people's holidays and no teenager timetables to focus on.

So, I have already signed up for an art class, starting in September...after all, it's only 3 hours a week...AND I have been debating whether to sign up for the intermediate photography class I've been wanting to do for ages (with homework, that is about 5 hours a week); I'm also looking for a local pilates class and yoga class (2 hours a week)...and I've even floated the idea of doing my MBA (now that is 10-15 hours a week)!!

Of course, whilst I already believe I can fill my spare 4 hours a week with 20-25 hours worth of additional classes (!), I am also forgetting that this gift of spare time is temporary. By the beginning of September, when teenager goes back to school, people return from their holidays and choir term starts, my spare time will be taken up...without the art class, pilates or MBA.

So then I convince myself that I just need to be more time efficient and become even better at time management AND I will still be able to do all these exciting new things that have tempted me during the holidays!

No wonder I tend to feel overwhelmed by Christmas!!

What if, next time there is a gift of space in my calendar, I just said THANK YOU, I am grateful and I will enjoy this gap

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