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Focus…on what, specifically?

I draw an oracle card most days, just to give me some guidance around how my day may pan out.

Five days out of the last 15, I have drawn the same card – FOCUS. As well as encouraging me to focus on one thing rather than keep being distracted by shiny things, it also reminds me that I get what I focus on.

I thought I must be missing something, seeing as I kept drawing the same card…what could it be? Then I realised that I have been getting a little grumpy recently, because of all the additional admin I have had to manage due to a specific project.

So today, because I can choose to focus on things in a different way, I did. I decided to look forward to the potentially dull routine tasks and approach the whole day in a different way. I became much more aware of the negative thoughts seeping in and I swiftly checked myself and steered my thoughts in a different direction.

Yes, the admin tasks still took a while…and I finished them, with a little time to spare and certainly in a much better frame of mind than i have been of late.

Funny that… you’d think I would know how powerful the mind can be and how much it is within my power to change the way I think about something…just like that!

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