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Good Teamwork

Following on from my post last week, I have been reminded, again, how valuable it is to be part of a team AND how precious those team members are…in good times and less than good times!

I am so grateful for being a very small cog in some amazing teams and right now, I feel a real desire to say THANK YOU to everyone who shares time with me in any of those Teams.

This week, I have been wearing hats from various teams – Governor, ANLP team, NLP Conference, the Awards, the Rapport team, specific work projects…and of course, running alongside those teams are my close family, my beloved soul partner, friendships, Rock Choir and LSC teams…I could go on forever, once I step back and realise how much of my life is dependent on being part of good teams…and how enjoyable life is when these teams are working so well!

I also find myself in the situation, right now, where I am being challenged in a particular situation and being ‘forced’ to re-evaluate some of the less than good teams I currently devote time to…where do they sit in the grand scheme of things?

What if I were to let go of some of these less than good teams, in order to make space for greater things? What if I were to stop pushing water up hill and focus instead on manifesting only enjoyable teams who share values, visions and passion?

Making any changes like that can be potentially scary, especially in the moment…and yet, if reflection, heart and gut are all saying ‘it’s for the best’, then maybe, just maybe, it is?

So, perhaps it is time to future pace, take that leap of faith (again) and focus on how much better things will be in a few months when I listen and act upon the messages…

And as I write this, I realise I was saying this very thing to someone else earlier today (relating to their situation)…Funny that – we often teach what we most need to learn!

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