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Heart Singing Gratitude...

Demonstrating gratitude is a 'purposeful' daily activity when I complete my 'gratitude diary'...and it is also an activity I practice in many moments of every day. So revisiting the practice of gratitude is deliberate, because it is so valuable and meaningful.

This week I have had so much to be grateful for...

Every moment of the NLP Awards on Saturday night was filled with so much Love and gratitude - my heart sang as I heard the speeches from the worthy winners. Those moments when I watched Love exude from Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan and Judith DeLozier on stage, I knew I have so much to be grateful for within the NLP Community. My heart sang to watch the other finalists being so gracious and generous in honouring their colleagues from the field of NLP.

As I counted the raffle money raised for Mind BLMK, my heart sang, literally, for the members of the London Show Choir who so generously donated their time, energy and raffle prizes, which played such a big part in making the NLP Awards a successful fundraising night.

My heart sang for pretty much every moment of the NLP Conference, from set up on Thursday through to arriving back home fairly late on Sunday night. Again, the energy of the conference was so pure and full of Love, respect and gratitude for the wonderful field in which we work.

Arriving back at my desk, my heart sang again with gratitude for the amazing team I work with at ANLP - the core team of Gemma, Nina, Shannen and Kash and all the other members of the ANLP family - too many to mention personally and you know who you are!

And silly little things that made my heart sing this week included being able to see the floor in my office again after weeks of conference resources covering every spare space; being back in my own comfy bed after several nights away; the sun shining every time I took the dog out for a walk; the right to vote in the election this week (I have no idea what relevance the EU election has for us in the long run, but people died for my right to vote so I honour that by voting).

There is always something to make the heart sing...

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