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Hold on tight to your dreams

‘Hold on Tight to your Dreams’…one of ELO’s songs, which plays, fairly loudly, in my ears as I watch the sunrise whilst walking the dog early every morning…and yes, I am that old!

Powerful words, even though sometimes, I feel as though I am clinging, rather than ‘holding’ onto my dreams! This song is on my ‘motivational’ playlist, because it encourages me to hold onto my dreams, even when things may not be going according to plan and feel less than achievable, in the moment.

…and sometimes, we do just need to do a little bit extra to inspire us to get over a particular hurdle or round an obstacle. What do I use to motivate and inspire me, when things seem a little more challenging?

  • I find music a great inspiration – some great songwriter always seems to find the words, even when I cannot quite express how I am feeling.

  • I will focus on a visual reminder of the ‘dream’, to remind myself of the reasons for doing what I am doing.

  • I go out for a walk or take a break, simply so I can consolidate my thoughts and get myself back on track.

  • I do make the steps a little smaller when I’m feeling a little fragile at the enormity of the task in hand – writing 5 specific pages of website content is far more achievable than writing the entire content of the website in one go!

  • I put my challenges into perspective, by reminding myself they are temporary obstacles and that I am grateful for just how lucky I am (not everyone has this amazing view when dog walking!).

What do you do to motivate yourself, I wonder?

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