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How do I get there?

One step at a time…

I have so many projects, plans, goals and dreams that I want to achieve, I do sometimes feel overwhelmed. And when I do feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks, I do three things:

1. I remind myself why I am pursuing these dreams and look at my ‘vision board’ to remind me of my intended destination – sometimes it can be quite easy to lose that ‘bigger picture’ perspective when getting bogged down in the detail.

2. I break the task down into even smaller steps, because that helps me to clarify exactly what has to be done, just so I can take a small step forward.

I do this because sometimes I fall into the trap of writing ‘big’ tasks down as a single item on my to do list…and then it takes me 3 days to cross one item off the list, which can be quite demotivating.

3. If I ever worry about where to start (and feel a touch of procrastination coming on), sometimes I just start working down my ‘to do’ list – I often discover a task I was perceiving to be challenging, can actually be completed more quickly, easily and effortlessly than I could have ever imagined…which then leaves me time to complete two more!

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