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I Know You're Busy...

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


If anyone else says that to me before 30th April, I may not be responsible for my actions!

‘I know you’re busy, but…’ Has anyone ever said that to you? I wonder how you respond?

I confess I have probably made a rod for my own back in the past, by absorbing their request because I can – I reschedule my to do list, rearrange my commitments, forfeit something ‘less important’ to make sure I can serve the needs of others, especially ‘clients / delegates / members / customers’ (where is ‘family’ in this list?)!

The challenge for me right now is that with less than a week to go before we host our first ever NLP International Conference and Awards gala charity dinner, I do not have ANY time to forfeit, no diary space to reschedule and no other commitments I can rearrange!

Even though I always do my best to schedule in some buffer time to cover all eventualities, its all been used up.

So what do I do when yet another seemingly ‘small’ request lands on my plate? I am very quickly learning to say ‘no’ if its not related to the conference, even if it breaks my heart to do so.

And what if it is related to the conference? Yet another last minute change/request to be managed…

My strategies right now are not working too effectively because at the end of the day, our reputation is at stake – we have to put on a smooth running, professional, well organised event and do the best we can because that is what is expected and our reputation depends on it.

…and that is the key – our intention is to put on a ‘smooth running, professional, well organised event’ AND we are doing the BEST WE CAN.

So yes, my blog is better late than never for the second week running and I will continue to remind myself I am doing the best I can…just as we all do.

Let’s be mindful of that this week.

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