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Inspirational Olympics

I’m glued to the Olympics, morning noon and night. The Opening Ceremony was refreshing and entertaining…and maybe I was slightly relieved it went off so well, given the media hype and potential for catastrophe!

I have found the attitudes so wonderfully inspiring and empowering – and to be honest, its not just the attitudes of the athletes. It really does seem like we are all in this together and we are all willing Team GB on towards the finish line. I’ve had conversations in shops about any number of Olympic related topics – it seems we have found something we all have in common and more importantly, something which has made us all proud to be British.

I wonder how we can keep this spirit alive long after the Games have moved on?

I will be more willing to talk to someone in the supermarket queue…and I will stick with some form of exercise long enough to go through the pain barrier (!). It may not be much, and its a start.

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