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January Blues

OK, so I am going to be honest – I struggle to maintain a positive outlook at this time of year. There, I’ve said it.

I’m not sure if its just the January blues (or an extended version of ‘blue Monday’!)? Or have I just anchored January to ‘feeling less than positive’? Or is it just a reaction to the intense lead up to Christmas, annual project management and general busy-ness of life that leads to a bit of a collapse in the new year, when the weather is a bit rubbish and the days are quite short and dark?

Or is it simply that I am attuned to and following the cycles of nature? The (sensible) animals are hibernating, conserving energy and staying indoors, tucked up and warm. The plants are in their dormant cycle – trees and shrubs are bare sticks, perennials are hidden underground and bulbs are thinking about popping their new shoots up…when it gets a bit warmer!

What if it were OK to embrace the need to hibernate and tuck myself away for a few weeks? It is so tempting to do nothing more than conserve my energy and nurture myself so I am ready for the full richness of 2018…just as nature is doing right now.  It’s too soon to be ‘hitting the ground running’ and aiming high with resolutions, project planning and goals.

So my goal, right now, is to nurture myself and prepare myself for the year ahead, pace myself and do only what is necessary…even if society is expecting more…it can wait!

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