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OK, so having had a wonderful time last Friday (I will post some pictures when I have some), I am now a ‘mother-in-law’! Another ‘label’ to add alongside mum, partner, daughter, sister, niece, CEO, author, publisher…

And what do all these roles have in common? As far as I know, none of them come with instruction manuals or job descriptions (except for the stereotypical ones, often written by comedians!).

Which suits me just fine, because I’m not that good at following instructions anyway…I think I must be a ‘learn by doing’ type of person.

Much as I was excited about welcoming Shannen as the ‘daughter I never had’, I’m not sure I wanted to be a mother-in-law, because of the stereotypical job roles that exist…I’m not old enough, grumpy enough or large enough to match the image eloquently painted by Les Dawson on many occasions…although I do have the ‘granny glasses’ which I can peer over sternly when required!

So, I’m going to write my own manual as I go, just as I have done (and continue to do) for most of the other labels I have in life…they are just labels, after all – its what we do with them that matters.

Whatever roles you are taking on today, own them, make them your own and enjoy…

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