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Learning Opportunity?

What on earth is a ‘learning opportunity’?

Well, in my map of the world, there are many learning opportunities, often presented to me on a daily basis!

…It could be when I’ve made a decision that, in hindsight, could have been different.

…It could be when I have an interaction with someone that doesn’t pan out quite as I expected.

…It could be when a situation I find myself in wasn’t what I planned at all.

That certainly happened last week when we discovered our choice of holiday destination was ‘interesting’, possibly for reasons we hadn’t anticipated!

How do you react in those situations?

Its a bit of a family joke that these are all ‘learning opportunities’ – a brilliant reframe to remind us that whatever is going on, we have a chance to learn something from it!

So what did we learn last week when we were away on a family break?

Well, I learned a great deal:

  • That this particular place was never on my bucket list for a reason…and now I know what the reason is!

  • To trust my heart and gut – spontaneity may work sometimes and sometimes, research is good!

  • As a family, we can really have a laugh, wherever we are…which just proves to me (again) that it is the people we spend time with that matters, rather than the place we spend time in.

  • And most importantly, Daniel taught me how to play poker!

I would invite you to reframe the unexpected as a learning opportunity…I wonder what interesting things you might discover this week?

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