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Learning Presence

So last week, I was reading about and embodying 'present' and learning more about what it feels like to be really present, in the moment, as much as possible. The guidance in the book is helping a lot!

Some interesting things cropped up for me, especially as I read more about being present and creating from the present rather than being in the past or future.

We can only create in the present moment - it is the action we take in the now that determines our future. What happened in the past can inform our present actions and can just as easily interfere with them!

Of course, that is where NLP can play a big part, helping us to reframe past events and view them differently, so their impact on the present moment is lessened...and when that happens, we are free to experience the present as it happens.

Being free to experience the present as it happens is so important - this is what empowers us to live the lives we were born to live.

The question raised in the book was "is it possible to feel 'guilt' if one is living in the present moment?" 'Guilt' is an emotion solely based upon past experiences - so if we are living purely in the present moment, surely it is impossible to feel guilty about something we haven't actually done yet?

Golly, this is getting into the realms of Quantum Physics!

I am going to practice living more in the present moment, because there are a whole range of emotions that may be perceived differently if I detach them from past interesting experiment for the weekend, perhaps?

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