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Life is a Garden

I was fortunate enough to spend most of the bank holiday weekend tending our ‘new’ garden. ‘New’ because it’s undergone a transformation in the last 18 months…

As I worked in the greenhouse, transplanting the tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes, I thought about how much the garden is a metaphor for my life.

The garden started out 5 years ago as uneven patch of grass, with a couple of plant pots and a rickety shed. I had big plans for the garden, so in the meantime, I mowed the grass, used the shed and watered the pots…it served a purpose, but I wasn’t happy with it.

Last year, it took a turn for the worse, as the grass became the parking area for the digger and dump truck, and I couldn’t even sit outside in the sunshine – it became an unstructured, ugly pile of mud and brought me no joy at all.

As I threw out the old worn pots, took down the rickety shed and watched the grass get churned up, I held on to the fact that this mess was part of the transformation, and the end result would be worth it.

I have watched the new garden slowly take shape – retaining walls, a path, a pond,a new shed and greenhouse…and last week the turf was laid. My cherished swing seat (which I have had for 15 years), has been put back into its new home and looks beautiful…and the old acer, which I inherited (in a pot), also has a proper place to grow now.

With the right tools, some great support and a lot of patience, the garden has been transformed from an unstructured, cluttered pile of mud into a beautiful, tranquil haven for birds, bees, butterflies…and my family! It is now something we can enjoy every day…and we do.

More importantly, the old things which served me well and brought me joy still have a place in the newly transformed garden; and there is still a lifetime of tending to continue maintaining and nurturing this beautiful gift…

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