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Little Things can make a BIG Difference

Thought for the day (well, my day, anyway)…we may never know just how much joy we bring to someone’s life, by doing something as simple as acknowledging them.

Twice this week, my joy levels have been raised so much by other people simply acknowledging something I have done.

On a professional level, one of our members wrote a beautiful letter last week, thanking us for all the work we do to support the members. I shared this with the team and I think we all felt validated and special that day, because our work had been acknowledged. I know I approached work that day with a higher sense of purpose.

On a personal level, as I was leaving Rock Choir, two of my friends commented on how much they enjoy reading my blog…and I didn’t even know they read it! I left Rock Choir feeling 10 feet tall with a silly grin on my face…because someone had bothered to make a kind remark about something I had done.

I know, when my children were younger, I would explain that ‘manners cost nothing but meant a lot’. The same is true of acknowledging other people…it doesn’t even have to be a compliment, just an acknowledgement to show you have seen…or heard…or felt something from another person.

I wonder whose life you could make a difference to today?

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