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Lost Time

Well, I certainly have hit the ground running since being back…so much for special space! And that could be because I overfilled my diary this week, with many of the people, tasks and commitments I had deferred because of the conference, followed by wedding and honeymoon!

Note to self – the time available in any one week does not expand, simply because I am trying to make up for ‘lost time’. And how interesting I view the conference, wedding, honeymoon and other important projects as ‘lost time’.

Time is never lost, its just used up…every moment or every hour of every day is dedicated to something…and in every moment, I seem to be prioritising something over something else!

…as I have just done, now this very minute – despite having a very tight deadline on my blog this morning (I have a conference programme meeting starting in 20 minutes), I’ve just taken out 10 minutes from writing to have a delightful conversation with Daniel.

I would not have given up that precious 10 minutes with Daniel for anything…even though I’m now playing catch up and chasing my tail again!!

And, by the same token, I would happily reclaim the 10 minutes I spent trying to launch Outlook so I could check my emails this morning – IT challenges, frozen screens, turning things off and on again are definitely things I would prefer to never lose time over again!!

That’s the thing, isn’t it – we cannot reclaim time…ever.

And whilst we all have to spend some time dealing with mundane, frustrating and unplanned things, it is so important to balance that out with those things we choose to spend time on.

When I’m sitting in my rocking chair in 50 years time, looking back on my life, I know I’m going to wish I’d spent more time talking to my children and less time talking to Outlook. So I somehow how to figure out how to do that now, whilst I still have time!

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