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Mercury Influence

So, Mercury has just gone retrograde, which for those of us who feel influenced by such things, basically  may mean that communications over the next few weeks could be a little more challenging than usual…whether or not one believes in this sort of thing, I do notice that certain things, in the communications arena, do seem to hiccup when Mercury is retrograde.

Is it pure co-incidence that my blog is late today because I couldn’t actually log in to my own website? Or that Outlook has updated and messed with my emails? Or that my friend has broken her phone so cannot connect with the rest of us?

It could, of course, be the effects of the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which is a neurological brain function that basically means we get more of what we focus on…so if I am anticipating challenges with communications because of planetary influences, maybe I’ll notice challenges with communications!

It’s common sense really, which is a lot of what forms the basis of NLP…if I wish to prove a theory or belief I have, I am more likely to focus on things which prove my theory or belief!

And doesn’t that also mean that I am more likely to ignore things which disprove my theory or belief?

Yes, because this is part of human nature…the ability to reason and create logic for ourselves that may, or may not be ‘true’…but which becomes ‘true’ for us because we find the evidence to prove our theory.

And sometimes, that is all that NLP does – help us to unpick and better understand the thought processes we run through as individuals…and how that impacts upon our everyday lives.

So, back to Mercury – Mercury is retrograde – fact.

Will that impact upon my communications over the next few weeks…who knows? Probably, if that is what I choose to focus on and want to prove!!

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