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Multitasking Extremes?

Now that life is starting to get busier again, I find myself (unsuccessfully) trying to perfect the art of listening to both personal development audio books AND choir rehearsal pieces simultaneously, whilst walking the dog every morning. I know I have two ears so I could have one soundtrack playing in each ear...but I do find my ears work better as a pair when they can concentrate on the same one thing!

Multitasking is something that I like to believe I do well...but in reality, I think being able to multitask is more of a failing than it is a skill.

Whilst I might pride myself on getting things simultaneously crossed off my 'to do' list, it seems to be a compromise and I am now stretching this to the limit. To be honest, I think I deserve a pat on the back for simultaneously walking in the park, breathing, listening to something AND keeping an eye on the dog.

Which then brings me back to the dilemma I face due to my inability to get my ears to individually multitask...

I really enjoy listening to audio books whilst dog walking - it has become part of my morning practice and it is such a joy to enrich my awareness and create an even deeper understanding of various aspects of personal development.

I also really enjoy singing and we have just been given a lot of new material to learn in readiness for backing Russell Watson on some of his Canzoni D'Amore tour dates later this year - there will only be 30 singers at each venue so I do need to know my stuff or I'll be letting my fellow London Show Choir members down...not to mention Russell Watson!

I could get up even earlier every day and make time to listen to both...but that encroaches on sleep time. I could stay in the park for longer and become disciplined at switching from audio book to choir practice after one circuit...but that encroaches on family morning routine or work! Its all a compromise...

So, what is the sacred third way? The 'both/and' rather than 'either/or'? Where can I find another 30 minutes in the day so I can continue to enjoy audio books as well as enjoy singing practice? Where can I become even more efficient with my time management because 30 minutes must be easy to find!! What else can I 'give up' in order to satisfy my desire to do both these things? Or what else could I multitask, so I can give quality time to both these pastimes without compromising on other things?

I will figure this one out...sooner or later. If you have any suggestions, please do let me know!

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