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My Christmas Map of the World

Oooohhh, I love Christmas and I always have done. We’re going to be signing our Christmas cards in the office today, and I’ve made sure we’ll have some Christmas music in the background to get us in the festive mood (it is 1st December, after all!).

I must have really strong positive anchors associated with Christmas – I remember the uncontrollable excitement that had me poking my stocking of presents at 3am every year on Christmas morning (rather than my very cross parents telling me to go back to bed).

I remember the Christmas lunches with crackers and party hats (rather than the year I burned the sprouts so badly that I melted the saucepan). I remember the family togetherness and positive spirit (rather than the family politics and strain of ‘forcing’ family members to share the same space).

And because I choose to see the positive, I do. Maybe I do have some outdated romantic notions about Christmas being a time when everyone can embrace family, fun, generosity, forgiveness and tolerance…and I’m very happy to keep hold of my map of this particular world 🙂

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