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Natural Flow

Under Pressure…Drawing a Blank…Arghhhhh!

All titles that spring to mind as I sit here wondering what on earth to say this morning! My mind is as blank as the very white, snow covered path outside…and I have a meeting at 9am so I’ve only got 25 minutes left to write something!

Funnily enough, I have been pondering my theme for this month since Monday. It seemed really easy at the start of the year – January seemed to fall naturally into a theme of ‘hibernation and pause’ and by accident (or divine guidance), February turned into ‘Teamwork’. It was so much easier to write when I had a theme in mind, so it seemed natural to allow something to flow for March too.

Flow it has not! If I classed myself as a writer, I would definitely have ‘writer’s block’. If I was a dancer, then I seem to have developed cramp. Flow has definitely been interrupted…

And then not finding a theme has led to drawing a blank on what to write this week. Just as flow naturally leads us from one thing to another, then block also has a knock on effect and stops everything.

Ahhh, there it is…the common theme in this rambling – I’m talking about natural flow and blockages so what if I am just reacting and in flow with nature right now?

Nature has brought a halt to much of the UK with snow and high winds. School is cancelled today, roads are blocked and the natural inclination is to go with the flow and hunker down indoors, with food and drink supplies and a large dose of Netflix!

But I cannot follow my natural instincts right now – I work from home most of the time, so I don’t have to fight the inclement weather or stop work…even though I want to because it’s cold and the wind is howling.

Time to find a compromise, methinks, so I can bring my natural instincts and mind back into alignment – perhaps I’ll work really hard this morning and pack up at 2pm…which will give me some time to snuggle down later!

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