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Never Underestimate Your Presence

You know when the Universe wants us to notice sends us signs - maybe a subtle symbol or metaphor, maybe a clearer message...and maybe it repeats those signs in various ways until we notice a pattern and have that 'aha' moment.

So this is my learning for the week - never underestimate your presence in any given situation.

There have been at least three occasions this week where through choice or no choice, we will be missing dear friends and family at events that were designed to include them. Of course, it is disappointing and throws a spanner in the works, but more importantly than that, I have realised how important their presence was going to be at those events.

...and then, of course, I can flip that learning and think about occasions where I have missed out on an event, either through foreseen or unforeseen circumstances. That realisation that maybe I was missed, or that my ducking out of something had a greater impact than I realised at the time.

Every single person on this planet has an impact on others. We make a difference every day, often in small ways that others never highlight or draw to our attention - that smile, that kind word, that 10 minutes we took to talk with a neighbour or call a all counts and it is all part of how we touch others, every day.

I will remember this lesson in future, when I start to feel I'm not doing enough or I'm not making a big enough difference to the world...our very presence does make a difference.

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