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No Regrets

It is Friday (again!). I had a lot to do this week and intended to get it all done in 4 days, so I could take a day off today.

Trouble is, one of the rather large things on my ‘to do’ list this week was something I didn’t particularly want to do. I thought it would be a challenge and it was certainly a BIG task (especially as it only took up the same amount of space on my list as ‘post the letter’!).

So, I spent rather a lot of time this week doing very menial and unimportant things…in fact, I nearly got round to doing the filing, I was so keen to find other distractions to keep me occupied just long enough to ignore the BIG task on my ‘to do’ list.

And as the week went on, and very small tasks were crossed off my list, I noticed that the BIG thing just kept getting BIGGER and BIGGER!

By Thursday afternoon, because I can be a little slow sometimes, I realised that I needed a different approach! So at last, I sat down to do the BIGGEST task I had ever had on my list (well, it was by then)…and formulated a plan as to how, exactly, I could do it.

Suddenly, my motivation changed, the task became manageable and I was raring to go…except I had now run out of time!

Once upon a time, I would have beaten myself up for procrastinating for so long and forfeited my day off as a self inflicted punishment.

Well, not today…we’re having our planned family day off and now I know how to tackle the ‘not quite so big’ task on my list, I’ll start it again on Monday morning!

And I will do this because I want to be present for and with my family today – I really don’t want my epitaph to read “She always finished her ‘To Do’ list”…

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