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Obstacles to Flow

So I inadvertently stumbled across ‘blockages’ as a topic last week…and the words started to flow! Of course, because we get what we focus on, more examples of obstacles to flow, ie blocks, have popped up this week!

I was having one of those rare conversations with teenage son after school this week – I say rare because teenage son rarely wants to talk with mum! We were talking about a particular teacher at school, who is not engaging with the class as well as they could…and as a result, Daniel is losing momentum and enthusiasm for a subject he really enjoys!

So I found myself empathising with Daniel, at the same time as delving deep into my own resources, to find the relevant motivational speeches…the ones about ‘wanting to succeed despite this teacher rather than because of them’ and ‘finding a way to navigate challenges and blocks rather than allowing them to knock him off course and deny him the future he desires’.

And as I know well, the teacher teaches what they most need to learn and when the time is right, the master appears…or mistress in this case.

Here I am, sharing motivational snippets with Daniel, to help him stay on track and deal with a particular frustration…and oh, yes…doh…that applies to me too, doesn’t it?

Yes, I am experiencing a very similar frustration with a ‘supplier’, over whom I have no influence and yet who is holding up progress of a really important project that is very dear to my heart.

So perhaps I could listen to my own wise words and find more ways to flow around the obstacle, so we succeed ‘despite them rather than because of them’ and we can stay on course to bring this particular ship home!

We may end up deviating a bit and finding some new and inventive ways to do things…and isn’t it about the journey as well as arriving at the destination? At least if we keep moving, with our eye on the horizon, we will get there…eventually…despite the obstacles to flow.

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