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Organised Chaos

Golly, its the end of January, and I feel I am still in a state of organised chaos…or maybe even disorganised chaos. As someone who is usually very organised (I believe I have a reputation for it), this is a very alien state for me to be in.

Yet, I embrace this feeling, especially because it is unusual and virtually unknown (for me) – therefore I am curious…

Having been in hibernation for some weeks, I am curious about

  • what comes next…?

  • what could it look like?

  • how does it feel to be in a state of ‘not knowing’?

I particularly like being in a state of not knowing, because I have no control over it…I am free to surf, float, feel my way through with gleeful anticipation and childlike amazement.

With Imbolc next week, I will move forward, out of my ‘not knowing’, hibernation state and be ready to create, manifest and enjoy what unfolds during 2016. It will be time to sow seeds and start nurturing the garden and I am really looking forward to doing that and seeing what occurs…

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