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I've been pottering around this morning, wondering what to write about today. 'Blog' always appears on my 'to do' list on Thursday afternoon, as a reminder that there is inspiration to be found and a page to be filled.

Nine times out of ten, something pops up - a nugget appears, as if by magic! I'll do something, say something, see a picture or a word emerges...something just materialises and away I go!

Today, I pondered...and I wondered...and I thought a bit more...and I started to get fidgety because I was drawing a blank...

Then I saw an email from Nina, telling me not to overthink things...and there was my answer!

Her email reply was in response to me tying myself in knots trying to figure out a business query - I had been reviewing a hundred and one different aspects, scenarios and consequences whilst figuring out the puzzle that I had created in my head...and that is the point - the puzzle had been created in my head because I was overthinking!

In reality, Nina already had the answer to my query, so if I had just properly utilised all the resources I had available to me and asked her straight away, I'd have solved the puzzle quickly and easily!

This also makes me realise that perhaps I am overthinking some of my intentions for 2019 - its OK to just have the intention at this stage, know that it is attainable and sustainable in the first instance...and then trust that the steps will unfold along the way. I don't have to have all the answers right NOW!

Finding the balance between trusting and overthinking is definitely another thing to be mindful of in 2019!

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