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Overwhelm has many guises

I lay in bed at silly o’clock this morning, deep in thought (I often choose thinking as an alternative to sleeping). Initially, I was excited because we have a bank holiday weekend approaching, which means a three days ‘off’… a welcome pause from work and busy-ness.

And then I became more aware of the busy-ness lists running through my head. Instead of ‘Write Rapport editorial / Check on website project / /Finish accounts / Work on conference programme’, I was thinking ‘Clear out loft / Tidy up greenhouse / Sort out school uniform / Make courgette chutney’…so in effect, all I was doing was swapping one kind of busy-ness for another.

And that is what I do…fill my time with things to do rather than creating space for things to evolve…no wonder I feel overwhelmed.

This was underlined even more when I got up and checked my Oracle Deck for today’s ‘guidance’ (I use Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Oracle Deck). Perhaps it is no co-incidence that I pulled ‘The Great Mother’, who encouraged me to:

take time to enter the creative void that is fallow, empty, the dark of the moon. This is not a time to act. Listen, feel into the silence that will guide you flawlessly from a receptive state, rather than actively having to DO something”.

So perhaps I will spend this weekend pausing more and creating space to be in flow…maybe the loft will get cleared out…and maybe it won’t.

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