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Pausing for a moment pays dividends

How do we know what our core values are? That’s easy for me because when my core values are challenged, I get a physical body reaction…the same as when my hot buttons are pushed!

I realise my core values are so deeply ingrained that I take them for granted – they are my rocks, the very foundations upon which I build my life…and I forget that they are personal to me, and my unique interpretation of my core values is not going to be mind read by others!

When something (or someone) challenges my core values, I sometimes still find myself reacting in the moment…because I am human! And those are the times when I could usefully remind myself to PAUSE. By pausing, I give myself time to elevate above the fears and emotional triggers, and can then choose how I react…or whether I react at all!

Once I pause, I can remind myself to respond from a place of love and compassion, rather than react from fear. Then I no longer feel so threatened by the situation.

Once I pause, I give myself a chance to remember the resources I do have available to me. I can use these to better understand the situation and choose my response to it.

And when I am human and forget to pause…well, then I can hold my hands up, take responsibility for my reaction… and then trust that whatever will be, will be.

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